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Learn How To Learn EP14

Learn How To Learn EP14

In this episode, Brian and Greg talk about how learning new things by learning how to learn.

Setting aside preconceived notions about what you think something is about will help you approach learning with an open mind

Then they talk about Chat GPT and how to use it to help us learn and become better critical thinkers.

Audio Verison

Video Version

Chat GPT’s attempt at writing show notes and a show summary

Our 1st attempt at generating a summary of this episode podcast.  We copied and pasted the full transcript into the Chat GPT window:  oops.

Chat GPT fail

So then we tried this:

Chat GPT just made it up

The above yielded the below summary, so it seems that it just made it up based on the title:

“Learn How to Learn EP14” is an episode from “The Maker’s Quest” YouTube channel, where the host discusses different methods and tools to help people learn more effectively.

In this specific episode, the host talks about the importance of building connections between different concepts in order to enhance learning and retention. The host discusses various techniques, such as using metaphors, analogies, and visual aids, to help learners make connections and create meaningful associations between different pieces of information.

The video also covers the use of memory techniques, such as repetition, chunking, and the method of loci, to help learners retain information. Additionally, the host talks about the importance of active recall and self-testing as effective strategies for long-term learning.

Overall, “Learn How to Learn EP14” provides practical advice and techniques for anyone looking to improve their learning abilities and enhance their understanding of new concepts.



here is the picture Brain talked about on the podcast of his attempt at a quick sketch to get the form of the design out.


Brian Benham - Colorado Furniture Designer's vanity mirror design

Here is his SketchUp drawing

Vanity Designed by Brian Benham

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Greg Porter
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