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New Projects In The Shop – EP23

New Projects In The Shop – EP23

Today, we take a break from discussing designs and making topics and talk a little about what we have going on in our shops: current projects, new projects on the horizon, and the daily grind of being a maker.


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Show Notes

  • Brian has a large steel table base in the shop, working on new patination processes.  The sheer size makes him wish he had a shop helper to help schlep it around.
    • He had challenges controlling the chemicals to get the colors he was looking for
  • Brian has a new bed project in the wings. Greene and Greene inspired
  • Greg is trying to fill a void in the guitar market but can’t find electronic parts made in the US and is forced to look overseas.
    • That product is a side heated side bender for acoustic guitars.
    • He really wanted to source everything in the US, but nobody made the parts he needed, so he had to find someone on the global market and import the electronics.
    • There are a lot of Challenges in prototyping a new product.


Custom Bed By Brian Benham
Custom Bed Brian Benham is working on


Skyscraper Guitar Heating Element
Heating Element Greg is working on for bending the guitar sides.


Skyscraper Guitar bending form
Bending form Greg is prototyping for bending guitar sides

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