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Shop Safety, and Tragic Endings EP 25

Shop Safety, and Tragic Endings EP 25


The guys talk about staying safe in the shop, how to stay safe, wanting to look out to keep you safe, and developing good shop habits.  They finish the episode by sharing some of their horror of unfortunate shop accidents; the end gets gruesome, so you’ve been warned!

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Show Notes on Shop Saftey Tips

  • Don’t force it, or bad things will happen
  • Complacency is the root of many shop safety issues
  • Take breaks when doing repetitive tasks so your mind doesn’t wander.
  • A riving knife will help prevent kickback of large and small parts.
  • The guys don’t think a SawStop will make you complacent.  You adjust to your surroundings, no matter what the tool is, so you make yourself complacent.
  • Can you afford to lose a finger? Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face.
  • Don’t reach across the blade, and remember to turn it off when not using it.
  • Keeping control of the waste on a CNC machine is just as important as control over the part.
  • The two most important rules of making are to keep your tools sharp and approach your work with finesse.
  • Work holding, work holding, work holding.


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