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Tips for Selling at Trade Shows, Art Galleries, and Craft Shows – EP24

Tips for Selling at Trade Shows, Art Galleries, and Craft Shows –  EP24

In this episode, the guys talk about their experiences at tradeshows, art galleries, and arts and crafts shows. They talk about what they do to make the show a success and things that are a challenge.

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Show Notes

  • Sometimes, the best contacts you make at a show are with other vendors for B2B business.
  • Not everyone gets enough orders at the show to pay for the booth fee, but people often remember you and become future customers.
  • The general rule of marketing is 1 out of 1000.  On average you have to hand out 1000 business cards to get 1 customer. or 1000 clicks to get a sale, etc.
  • Sharing a booth fee can help bring down the cost, but check the booth rules to be sure you aren’t breaking their rules and get kicked out.
  •  Have literature that customers can take with them so they can look you up later.
  •  Present yourself in a professional, friendly manner; don’t have RBF (Resting Brian Face)

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