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How To Stay Curious to Stay Creative

How To Stay Curious to Stay Creative

In this episode, the guys talk about the power of staying curious and how it will help you stay creative in your journey as a  maker.

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How To  Stay Curious to Stay Creative:

  • Observe other people and research their methods
  • Ask Questions about how it works, why it works, and can I make it work in a different way
  • Chemcad to test chemical solutions
  • Dwayne Oyler From The Oyer Wu Collaborative
  • Find Someone to help you skip ahead by building on what they have learned
  • Jeremy Light Poderings YouTube Channel about How to use Photoshop to create light and color
  • Combine dissimilar things/ideas to create something new
  • Dami Lee YouTube Channel Following your curiosity, I couldn’t find the specific video but check out her channel
  • Explore things outside of your focused interests
  •  Practice your craft by playing around with the materials you use.
  • Put in 1% a day to get better at something
  • Take things apart to see how they work, then apply that knowledge to your projects
  • Push your limits
  • Don’t be afraid to turn knobs to see what they do or lift lids to see what is inside.
  •  Professionals get their knowledge from someplace, be curious, go find it, and learn it from their source.
  • Your screw-ups are just the cost of tuition, pay the tuition and learn how to do what you want to do.
  •  in.iko dancing to her song Jericho

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