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Custom Drums With Bryan Bales EP21

Custom Drums With Bryan Bales EP21

Today, we talked with Custom Drum maker Bryan Bales.  Bryan got his start in drum making from his curiosity of wanting to learn how to make drums and his love for making things.

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Show Notes

Bryan can be found on Instagram at Bales5000, his YouTube is Bales5000, and he is active on Instructables, sharing his drum and prop builds,

When he is not building crazy experimental drums or over-the-top Halloween costumes, he works with his friend at Calderwood Percussion, building high-end custom drums.

Experimental Concrete Drum by Bryan Bales
Experimental Concrete Drum by Bryan Bales
Calderwood Rope Drums
Calderwood Rope Drums
Drum Jig
Tablesaw Drum Jig
Cookie Monster Costume
Cookie Monster Costume by Bryan Bales
captain jack sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow Costume by Bryan Bales


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