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Is Social Media Still Viable to Promote Your Business

Is Social Media Still Viable to Promote Your Business

Is social media still a viable way to promote your business, or is the new business model to be a content creator, making products secondary?

Today, we talk about our past successes and our future strategies for getting our products out in front of people.

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Show Notes

  • Instagram Top 9 in the hashtags, is it still a thing
  • Brian says Social Media no longer sends him much passive income
  • Organic growth on social media is dead
  • You  have to sell your sole to the algorithm to grow
  • Social media companies have lost the importance of community
  • Selling on Amazon is a huge pain but can pay off
  • Passive income can bring in big dollars but takes time to build up.
  • Andy Birkey: “Some days you make art, some days you make rent.”
  • Aprentachips will teach you a lot; do it before you have responsibilities.
  • SEO and blogs might make a comeback if social media totally falls apart.
  • At the end of the day, it’s still an outlet to get your message out in the world; you just have to keep up with the changes

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